The Manic Minstrel

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Out of Egypt

All were brought

But many have returned

Never having left

In deed or thought;

How many Brothers and Sisters

Are still wandering through desert sand

Still slaves and victims in heart and mind

Though the shackles were removed

From feet and hand?

Do you see the miracle of your Emancipation

Or, are you blinded by Pharaoh’s Proclamation,

That – “You’ll never escape

The sound of chariots chasing fast

Nor monument of sin and the shadows cast!”?

I pray that you will

Come to understand and conclude

Though spirit and body have been liberated,

Free you shall never be

Until your mind has been renewed.

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The Exodus story holds many answers and foretells of great things to come. The carnal mind struggles to grasp the wonders and mysteries but with study and prayer they begin to manifest.

Why could the children of Israel not enter into the Promised…

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