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Autumn falls heavy
across the plains,
Frost bites at the hide
and wicked winds
whip our pride and our manes;
Behold, I – the champion
of the lone prairie,
the noble Mustang stallion
running wild, running free;
Humbled only by Winter
tamed by her chilling touch
– it is only then
that I long to be
something else, something more;
I look to the skies
giving prayer and heavy sighs
and catch sight
of vacationing birds taking flight,
Traveling south for warmer fare
to destinations with sunny beaches
and tropical air;
I give a longing, “Neigh!”
and watch the frozen mist,
Dismissing the gravity
holding me at bay
My thoughts continue to drift
Spreading proverbial wings
till my frozen frame starts to lift
and I transcend Winter’s icy gate
as I become the Pegasus
flying far and away to migrate;
And though I will never be
Something I am not
I am still somehow comforted and warmed
……. by just the thought.

Flying Horses

My oldest daughter asked me, “Daddy, if horses had wings like a Pegasus, would they fly south for the winter?” So we went and asked our good friend Dink and this is the answer he gave us. Nothing like getting an honest word ……straight from the horse’s mouth.
May all your thoughts be warm and peaceful.

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The Bulldog

The Manic Minstrel

The Bulldog

Enter the arena
If you dare,
Be the next matador
Caught by contemptuous stare;
Behold, the hard charger
Bear down and prepare
Stomping his foot
And taking aim
With nostril flare;
Its too late for mercy
You have been warned,
If you mess with my bulldog
…’ll get the horns!!!!!

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