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Happy Anniversary to my beloved wife!!! 18 years of awesomeness! = >




The Manic Minstrel

The therMOMeter

She’s checking temperatures
she’s checking times
She rises like mercury
full of surprises and nursery rhymes

She gages giggles and grief
she gages moods and attitudes
Her hugs and kisses bring the sweet relief
altering optimistic altitudes

Whenever she walks in
everyone says, “Aaaaaaahhh!”
She shines like the sun
and the ice wears thin
making those polar caps start to thaw and run

She sings the seasons
with vibe and vibrato
and the kids dress for her reasons
including….”because I said so!”

Just a spoonful of her sugar
helps the medicine go down
“Bottoms up!”
I give the toast
and take another dose
thankful her cure is in my cup
and I can’t let that sacred elixir hit the ground

She makes me warm for her form
measuring by degrees,
A servant of her sensor
she soothes my Celsius
as I ignite her Fahrenheit
with her sitting just as pretty

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