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An addled Aardvark
No longer traipsing about after dark
No longer burrowing with claws
or snooping with snout
to snort delectable snacks
from ground and bark;


Instead, poor Angus
moseys around strange pastures all day
Choking on the cud
he tries to chew
and scaring the methane out of cattle
when he tries to grunt, “Moo,MOOO, MOOOOO!!!!”
and though it all seems udderly ridiculous
…..its absolutely true!!!!

aardvark-amnesia-3(ANT WITH MALLET) =)  …..He he he


The Manic Minstrel


Celebrate the Classic
jamming sounds of Jubilee
Straight out of the Jurassic
with respect and reverence for the History;
We salute and ROOOOAAARRR!!!
For those about to Rock,
rolling around the Clock
trying to preserve innovation and artistic integrity
both Prehistoric and distinct
playing gems and diamonds
that have become so rare
….due to us Dinosaurs getting old
and quickly becoming extinct.

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This is not my original design – I merely redrew and tweaked someone else’s design doing a drawing for my nephew. Hope he digs it. = >



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