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The Manic Minstrel

2020-07-16_004712 Playing Chicken

On your Marks, Set, Get Ready,
Dig into a Western Chicken Spaghetti:

Chicken Foot,
Chicken Scratch,
Chicken Brood,
Chicken down right mean and rude
Till the EGG begins to hatch;

Chicken Noodle,
Chicken Soup,
Chicken Cock-a-doodle Doodle,
Chicken runs real fast
Till the Cuckoo flies the Coop;

Roost Above, Clutch Beneath
Spur the Talon, Gnash the Teeth

Chicken Tender,
Chicken Strip,
Chicken Splendor,
Chicken A-la-King,
A Comb for a Crown
Avoids the Wooden Scepter
Held by an Iron Grip;

Roost Above, Clutch Beneath
Spur the Talon, Gnash the Teeth

Chicken Nuggets,
Chicken Spit!!!
Chicken Waddle,
Chicken Strut,
Chicken Saddle up,
The Heckles raise the ALL important Question
That can make both Chargers turn Tail and Quit,


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Christmas comes a little early this year Tangoteers! Here we have created an oddity that is a Christmas letter that simultaneously has absolutely nothing and absolutely everything to do with Christmas. Thanks for stopping by. As always, we hope you enjoy our stories and pray God’s peace and love be with you. Merry Christmas!!! =>

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The Manic Minstrel

Oh! You’ve got to be some kind of Holy Mackerel!
To make this Kingfisher kneel and pray,
My heart goes – Ba boom, Ba boom,
And my mind begins to Reel
Till I’m at a loss for words to say;

Now, there may be
Plenty of Fish in the Sea
But You’re the only One for me!

Oh, I’ll be some kind of Mopey Dick
And I’ll never get well
Till I catch your Cure,
And, Baby, I need to catch it quick!
No Albacore will lift this Albatross:
I don’t fancy Flounder,
Don’t pine for Pike,
I’m not tempted by Tuna,
Can’t be captivated by Cod;

Cause there may be
Plenty of Fish in the Sea
But You’re the only One for me!

Your Fin is final,
Your tail so vital,
There is no finer Fillet,
Yes, You had me Hooked
Since the very first time I looked

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The Do Dad

An old post from the Minstrel site updated with this groovy Pat Travers track. =7

The Manic Minstrel

The Do Dad

Renaissance man
with the plan:
equipped, tooled, and booted
with gadgets and gizmos,
whatchamacallits and thingamajigs;
called by God
and properly suited
to teach and preach,
provide and guide,
respond and repair;
other superheroes
may come and go,
but none can outlast or compare
– the love and approval
of this Do Dad being
the greatest superpowers
my kids will ever know
with the lone exception
of their Mom
…….cause she is the Freakin’ BOMB!!!!

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Daddy Long Legs

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