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A hearty thanks to Kiara for putting the video together!!! =7


Somewhere in time,

Lies a Quirky Constellation,

Within a Nebular Pond;

HERE, we find our Heroes – Drake Mallard and his faithful pet, Frog Beetle,

Locked in constant conflict against Voracious Vittles and Vicious Villains,

In order to preserve the Peace and Freshness of their beloved home – PLANET CROUTON.

Tune in each week to see New and Exciting episodes,

As they take on the likes of: Stale Bread!, Cyclops Potato!!, Burnt French Fry!!!, The California Craisins!!!!, Terror Triscuits!!!!!, and Much, MUCH MORE!!!!!!!

See them waddle and spring into ACTION to save their precious Crouton from attack,

In suspense filled Adventures that are SOOO Wonderfully Weird,

You are guaranteed to keep Coming Back,

Like a Duck Junkie addicted to… QUACK!!!!!!!

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