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The Manic Minstrel

Grace is sufficient,

Power to save,

Always able and efficient,

Granting authority to the Saint

and freedom to the slave;

So, careful where you go to assemble,

Communing with goats and sleepy sheep

that all start to act and resemble

Wolves in woolly disguises,

Tickling ears and giving shimmering prizes,

Reaping the profits of bloom

To build bigger temples and fill the upper room

With reservations in elevated bleachers

To hear and watch Gospel stars and perpetually pleasant preachers

Colluding with convoluted compromises;

Its the spreading of an evangelical epidemic

With rose colored lie and and appealing persona,

Yet, I pray you all come to know and understand:

God does not need a gimmick

and the only sign that NEED be given

……. is the Sign of Jonah.

What’s wrong with having fun at church? – NOTHING!!! But we must keep our focus were it should be. We have masses…

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The Manic Minstrel

LOVE travels at variable speeds,

So what is the differential

to determine pace and potential?

OH, the varying factors:

The size and strength of heart,

the passion and desire fueling needs;

Is it proximity

Or does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

Spontaneous proclivity

Or a steadied discipline

For Spirit to seek and mind to ponder?


In my youth I saw you

Traveling at the speed of light

Smitten I was, blinded by LOVE at first sight,

So I prayed for double vision

As my heart started to run,

I gave chase

Enamored by such beauty and grace

Pushing blood and adrenaline past euphoric insanity

-I was voluntarily committed to Eternal Decision

To follow source of glow and heat

Determined to win my relay in the Human Race

With sweet surrender and victorious defeat!


Speed of Life, speed of sound;

Sound asleep till babies cry


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