The Manic Minstrel


I am undiscovered,
Free to be
Myself, I, and we
Living without barrier or borders
I march to the beat
of my own drum
– taking no one else’s orders;
My creativity remains
An incorruptible force
Drawing from the source
of a rebellious compliance
between Intelligent Design and Natural Science
to forge verse and Art
of pure imagination
Closer to the Heart.

The Undiscovored

I. The Deeper Water

Taking a dip
Going to surf
the oceans of my eyes
Eager to ride the waves
past the Bridge of Sighs,
Charting new scope and seas
Going against the tide
and blasting with the breeze
through puddle and lake
getting woke up in the wake
of Maritime visions;
I seek rejuvenation
Returning to Serenity and Smiles
Using untraceable navigation
where Black gives way to Blue
and I can see for miles and miles and miles…


Taking a hike

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