Dear Bro and Co.,

     Here recently, I was having cricks and pains in my neck.  I think I found the source of the problem.  Mike, our ETD maintenance guy, came in the other day and I showed him a bag of bugs someone had readied to eat in their suitcase.  Which, of course led to a “man” discussion about gross stuff that some people eat.  That led to me telling one of my favorite stories:  How Troy telling Amanda he was scrambling up eggs and pig brains set off her morning sickness with her first pregnancy.  Mike, then informed me that the brain is the fattiest  organ in the body.  My immediate  thought was, “If you call someone a fathead, it’s not really an insult as much as it is a point of fact.”  Then I got to thinking about it some more; with my neck cricks and all – maybe I do have a fat head.  I decided to go home and check my pillow….. sure enough:

     Undeniable proof – I have a fat head and I need a new pillow.  I was kinda bummed about it at first, but then I got to thinking about it some more.  I’ve always had trouble getting my hair to fix right partially due to the fact that my head doesn’t seem to fit in the standard bathroom mirror.  So, I got to thinking of some other dudes that always seemed to have messy hair – it wasn’t a bad list:  Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and I’m pretty sure Abe Lincoln (I think it’s why he usually wore a hat). 

     To further prove my point, I thought of a list of people who I consider to either be idiots, or evil, or both:  Al Gore, Adolf Hitler, George Clooney, and Barrack Obama – they all have small heads with neatly combed hair.  Pretty good confirmation if ya ask me.

     Of course, some would argue that Einstein’s brain was found to be smaller than the average brain.  My theory – he was using more than the 10% that the average human uses….. so maybe it was getting used up.  This gives hope to  my all-time favorite dinosaur – the Stegosaurus.  Folks used to laugh and say he was dumb because his brain appeared to be the size of an English walnut.  Maybe — just maybe, he started out like this…

     I can’t honestly say I’ve done a ton of smart things in my days; but I did do one – I married Amanda.  The Bible says that a good wife is more valuable than gold and more precious than rubies.  That being true – despite what my bank accounts say, I am the richest man in the world.

     This being said – a good friend of ours, Elizabeth, was proposed to by her gentleman caller recently.  She, I am confident, will be that same treasure of wife as described in the Good Book.  I haven’t met the Groom-to-be yet, but if my theories hold true, I’m sure he’ll look something like this to me up at the alter….

      Of course, all of this is predicated on whether what Mike, the ETD , maintenance guy said was true.  I’m not sure I trust him… he has neatly combed hair.

     ……speaking of proposals, Amanda and I recently celebrated the 12th Anniversary of our “magic” moment – October 17th.  Funny how things happen.  Of course, I wanted it to be romantic and special for Amanda, but, as with most things – it didn’t go exactly as planned.

     Mikey had been telling me for months about a perfect place out by the lake – one I never could find.  I think I took her out to the lake 3 or 4 times looking for it.  Either Mikey gives bad directions or I’m not good at following them.  Since Mikey has effectively turned himself into a Massachusetts hermit crab and won’t call to claim otherwise, I’ll blame it on him.  🙂

     I don’t think it would have mattered if I had found it on that particular evening;  it seemed as though everyone and their dogs had decided to go to the lake – it was crowded and with my plans seemingly foiled, I was agitated. On top of everything else – my hair didn’t fix right!!!!  What was right – I was with the woman I love; and the Good Lord was in His heaven smiling down on me.  Aaahhhhh….. providence!!!!

     I had reluctantly abandoned the lake idea; I was driving around Durant in a calm panic, desperate for a place, a setting with the right ambiance.  We drove by the SOSU campus — and there it was – the fountain!!!

    The lighting, the Magnolia trees, the glow of the fountain reflecting the moonlight, the  peaceful sound of the waters gushing forth;; and no one else was around!!!  Obviously they were all out at the lake. 🙂  Again, I mention providence; for on this night  of all nights, someone had put soap in the fountain – it looked celestial, heavenly – it was perfect!!!

     I’ve botched up a lot of things in my days; but here – I was Mr. Smooth.  At just the right moment, I got down on one knee …no rip!!!!  She opened the box with the little teddy bear and the ring!  And I said the right words without stuttering, stammering or passing out!!

     She said YES!!!!  Effectively making me the happiest man with the biggest head on Earth.  Thank you God!!!

     I’m guessing it’s that way for everyone – you want to do anything and everything to make her feel loved and special.  A good friend once told me not to marry with unrealistic expectations.  He said the reason so many fail is they think it should be a 50/50 give and take and went on to tell me that it would only work if my expectations were to give 100% and expect nothing in return; then you will always be  satisfied.  And a great marriage  – when both Bride and Groom enter in with the same desire and expectations:  to give everything (100%) and expect nothing (0%) in return. 

    After the suffering of His soul He will see the Light of Life and be satisfied; by His knowledge, my righteous servant will justify many, and He will bear their iniquities.  – Isaiah 53:11

     I can only imagine it was the same with our Lord…. waiting in calm panic…. for the exact, perfect point and place in time….the setting had to be just right….

     He gave Everything, and He asks,

                                 “Will you marry Me?”

     We, as the church, the Bride of Christ, have the perfect Husband.  He gives 100%.  Yet so many remain unhappy.  Unhappy and unsatisfied….and like the rest of the world, they seek happiness in new and different things:  new cars, bigger houses, better bodies, different families, ect…  We will never be able to fully appreciate and enjoy what He has given until we give Him everything in return.

     The perfect marriage.  The perfect life.  Peace, Joy, Hope, Love, Faith,  Fulfillment…. seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these shall be added unto you.  God was not satisfied until He gave everything to us; how could we ever expect to be satisfied until we give everything to Him?

     Kiara says she has accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour, which is AWESOME!!!   Hallelujah!!!  I have a feeling I won’t have to worry about any other proposals for a while  though seeing as how she is in the phase of life where all boys are stinky and gross.

Love and God Bless, Uncle Buck “Wango” Lamb and the Tango Tribe