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The Manic Minstrel


They were the best of felines
Caught in the worst of twines,
It was a yarn of fun,
It was an unraveling pun;
They were aristocats spoiled like the Dickens,
They were alley cats scrimping for slim pickens
Preceded by Christmas Carol proclamations
And followed by Great Expectations
of lapping up milk straight from the cow
and casually sauntering back to beg for, …”Meow, meow, meow!!!”


Coco the Cat by Kiara and Stripes the Cat by KeiLynn =>

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Not sure which Bible book he is in; but Keilynn drew a jester dog in Sunday school this morning…… and it is awesome!!! = >

The Manic Minstrel

I’ve just about

figured out

the roundabout way

to roughly say

how much I love you

though it be nigh impossible

because the words essentially falter

to effectively express feelings audible

– like sputtering horseshoes and hand grenades;

Your ballpark figures are practically prime

-close enough to consummate

and relatively refined with affinity and time,

bordering on the brink of absolute beauty

-you are my ideal

amorous woman of alluring appeal 

and while I contemplate

with nomadic need to navigate

your roundabouts and just abouts

so seductive and sweet,

I rapture in the discovery and the capture

as our roundabouts and just abouts come together

and we venture forth…….. perfectly complete.

For my wonderful, beautiful bride, Amanda – I find you all the more engaging and enticing with each passing year. You are, indeed, precious to me!!! = >

Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is…

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Buddy the Dog


Fun semi-realistic caricature of Buddy the Dog for my niece Hannah! =>

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