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The Manic Minstrel

The Lion's Share

The Lion’s share,
the Lion’s roar
– the call of destiny
presented in form
none were looking for:
an uncommon gift
bearing uncommon seed
trampled under foot
and slandered as common weed;
and every spring
a reminder appears
showing that hope
and love remain
– sprouting from the seeds
that have been sown
and given in simple truths
that all have been shown;
within reach,
within season,
out in the lawn,
out of the bounds of reason;
with childlike faith
take this moment
to make a “wish”
before its gone
with mind
……and golden opportunity blown.

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The Manic Minstrel


Mood and attitude
written across my face,
searching eyes and hearts
for hint or trace;
and though it may seem weird
I can tell the weather
– forecasting through my beard;
if countenance and rain are falling
my skyscraper I’ll be calling
– a squeegee toting giraffe,
anecdotal blessing I call Son
makes cold, grey skies disappear
with a swipe and a laugh
ensuring the promise of a better day
as the storm clouds are easily cleared.

My 13 year old son, who happens to be 6’3″, is a morning person. I am not. But it usually doesn’t take long(one or two of his funny jokes and some coffee) and I’m in a better mood. Guess everyone needs a skyscraper in their life. Cheers! = >

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……growing up I had an imaginary friend named Leonard Porcupine. One Thanksgiving we raided the fridge before anyone else was up and we ate all the filling out of the pumpkin pies. We blamed it on my other imaginary friend, Marget (she did all the bad stuff). That darn Marget!!! …..Leonard and I still got a whooping for the pirated pies.

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