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The Manic Minstrel

Flying Rhinoceroo

He floats through the air

with the greatest of ease

he soars and he flies

high above in the trees

His movements are graceful

as he does sail

with powerful leaps

from springy feet and tail

In the bird’s nest of my imagination

he was born

I know he must be the best,

but the one thing on my creation

you must really look out for

………….is the horn!!!!!

My kids asked me to combine my favorite animals, and this is what we came up with. Thanks to my witty son for the groovy name. Somewhat in the spirit of Napoleon Dynamite and his awesome Liger. What would your favorite animal combination be? = >

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Belle Bottom Blues

Belle 1

Belle 2

Belle 3








Quasar 1

Quasar 2

Quasar 3

Quasar 4

Quasar 5

Quasar 6

Quasar 7

Quasar 8

Quasar 9

Quasar 10

Quasar 11

Quasar 12

Quasar 13

Quasar 14

Quasar 15

Quasar 16

Adulthood 1

Adulthood 2

Adulthood 3

Adulthood 4

Adulthood 5

Adulthood 6

Adulthood 7

Adulthood 8

Adulthood 9

Adulthood 10

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