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The Manic Minstrel

Hook In Mouth

In the magic glow
and muddy heat of summer days,
shrouded by myth
– we were ghosts passing through
the mist and the haze;
haunting the waters,
hunting the lands
pursuing legend
chasing destiny
determined to catch the uncatchable,
trying to detect the undetectable
– monsters of mayhem
swimming below the surface,
unattainable trophies
to give our adventures purpose;
we were castaways of the season
always just a cast away
from reeling in the rhyme and reason;
and with the thrill of the chase
we had it on the line
reveling in the day
for a moment in time
we had the time of our lives
till the fish tale of our youth
…….got away.

A classic, simple song to remember happy simple times with…. every summer my brother and I would return to the Oklahoma river bottoms and Grannie O’s fishing pond where we spent countless hours in pursuit…

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The Manic Minstrel

Blind Man

Stuck in a strange season of life
– a winter of discontent,
I found myself barricaded in
with defenses up
and the blinds drawn down
wondering where
the carefree days of summer went;

Sitting, huddled by the fire,
and from the flame
Wisdom spoke to me:
“Winter has come to allow
roots to set and grow
Cultivating patience and virtue
under ice and snow
so that steadied and readied eyes
will see and know
when their harvest comes
as it should
that the Almighty is faithful
and those that were blind
will finally taste and see
…..that the Lord is good!!!”


I had this really weird idea for these sketches, but wasn’t really sure what I would do with them. The poem came about from a random discussion with my Brother about winter. For many, winter is a harsh unpleasant season. As in nature, we can go through different seasons…

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