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First Book Published!!!

Hello Good Friends!!! I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that we finally published one of my books.  Yay!!!  Anyway, the link to purchase through Amazon is here; if you happen to purchase, would you mind going back later and leaving a review??? That would help me out a lot!!!  Thanks!

I'm a Ninja 1

I'm a Ninja 2

I'm a Ninja 3

I'm a Ninja 4

I'm a Ninja 5

I'm a Ninja 6

I'm a Ninja 7

I'm a Ninja 8

I'm a Ninja 9

I'm a Ninja 10

I'm a Ninja 11

I'm a Ninja 12

I'm a Ninja 13

I'm a Ninja 14

I thought this was a pretty awesome rendering of our dog Belle by my daughter, Kiara. It made me giggle. Enjoy!!


One of my best friends got a story published in a cool magazine. His writing is very good. If you enjoy Fantasy Fiction short stories, I think you will enjoy his posts. = >


I have a new story out. It is a short tale for younger readers published in Cricket Magazine. It is also my first ever professional sale!

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