The Manic Minstrel

Our oldest dog, Boomer, shows great ferocity in asserting his place as the Alpha. =>


Hell hath no fury
Like a canine scorned
Steal his kibbles
and he’ll rip you to bits;
I tell you,
“This Joey doesn’t share food!”
So know – you have been warned,
This horny hound
will hush your puppy,
He’ll breathe fire, hydrant, and brimstone
on transgressors of his sacred dish
and bifurcated bone;
A Dante devil dog
with 9th circle snarl and sneer,
Infer the inferno as temper flares
and, Oh, its getting hot in here!
So better lick your nose
and tuck your tail
to cover your rear and run
before the geyser blows;
If you want a taste of “heaven”
You’ll just have to wait outside the gate
……until Old Faithful is done!!!

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