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Just a little side note;  Please remember that these stories are exaggerations and satirical in nature.  Keeping that in mind, enjoy!!

Dear Bro and Co.,

     As you know, we just got our cool, groovy new Purple Haze Carpet.  (Cue in Hendrix, please.)  It’s seemingly opened up a whole new world for the kids – especially Kiara and her Spider Man hopper-ball; she is as ruthless as she is fearless. 

     Mathias has always been quick and at times relentless when given opportunities to agitate his sister; and Kiara has never hesitated to retaliate.  Mathias knows better than to strike or physically harm her and Kiara seems to have a growing awareness; and she is taking full advantage – her counter strikes are nothing short of brutal….

     How did that verse go again? – The wages of sin are death, and the wages of picking on your little sister are getting you butt kicked!! 

     We’ve let it go for a while hoping Mathias would learn his lesson; unfortunately, there seems to be a natural law in place:  going against his usual disposition (a really cool, nice kid) and against his good sense and better judgement, he is compelled by nature and instinct to rattle her cage time and time again despite his knowledge of the impending throttling that is sure to come.  Also, we have to intervene now to teach Kiara not to arbitrarily use violence to resolve conflict – not only is she good at it, she seems to enjoy handing out beat-downs a little too much now. 

     Where do such sorry behaviors come from?  I believe mostly from instinct – due to our fallen, fleshly natures – but, of course, some of it is learned; and where are such behaviors learned?  I, as the most obvious choice as suspect and sorry role model, would like to pass the buck and blame it on……

     …..the Grandpa and Grandma Mafia!!!

     They were in rare form right from the start.  “Yeah, yeah, good to see you too.  Now be quiet and stay out of the way you little punks and no one will get hurt!”

     Mom and Dad were tired from travelling and of each other; the kids were hyped up from having new carpet and seeing the dog again – it made fo a rough mix.

     I guess that’s what you do with your good foot after 60.  Exaggerated?  – yes, but not by much.

     We’ve never watched the “Kill Bill” movies – not really our type of show; but when Mathias put in his “School House Rocks ” DVD, I thought we were for sure going to see “Kill Bill Vol. 3″…..Yeah, we turned that off real quick.  Have Mercy!!!!!


This last week, we discovered that if I blow on the back of KeiLynn’s head, she makes this crazy little smile face.  It’s pretty funny.  Thankfully, through all the chaos of moving furniture, having carpet put down, and a flock of grandparents, she has remained calm and pleasant – the coolest and best of babies.  If I were to start a band right now, I would name it “Punim Head” in her honor.

Day 2 – Battle of the Papa’s

     Troy was in a competition – he just didn’t know it.  It was a lot like that movie “Meet the Fockers” – Dad had the anything you can do, I can do better vibe going on.  And, it all started around lunch time….

     Troy was going to eat the last leftover Braum’s burger; Dad beat him to it.  Then when Dad heard that Amanda was making Troy a wrap – he changed his order, “I’ll have what he’s having.”  After Amanda had gotten everyone else’s food she was finally able to eat her own lunch; as she started out of the kitchen, there sat Dad like a helpless, demanding baby bird chirping, “Where’s my other wrap?  I want another wrap!”

     Apparently, they were good size wraps.  Mom tried scolding Dad, but this time, he fought back.  I don’t know if it was him refusing to be emasculated in front of others; or if being deprived of decent food for so long had made him deranged and crazy – he fought for it, and he got his second wrap.  Troy only ate one. 

     Dad went on to eat more pizza than Troy at the party.  Heck, I think he may have eaten more than the rest of us combined.

Eating:  Papa Mike 🙂  Papa Troy 😦

     Troy had to sit out the Wii competition due to a bum knee.  Dad didn’t brave the Hot Wheels game – it can be a bit intimidating; but he jumped at the opportunity to bowl.  With each strike and spare, our old man danced a jig, gyrating back and forth right in front of Troy who cringed in abject horror.  Zelda, Amanda’s grandma, told Dad that a swing like his should be hanging from a tree.

Wii:  Papa Mike 🙂  Papa Troy 😦

     Although Janie certainly does have her moments, there really was no contest here:

Angriest, Naggiest Wife:  Papa Mike 🙂  Papa Troy 😦

     Dad Celebrated his victory later that evening with a bowl of ice cream and a couple of hours of T-time:  time with the toilet wishing he hadn’t eaten so darn much.

     Mathias seemed to genuinely enjoy his day;  the pizza, the cake, the Wii tournament, and his new presents:  an orange bean bag, “Bedtime Stories” DVD, the Human Torch Transformer, and some new clothes.  He’s a pretty easy-going kid that kinda reminds me of Cal off the movie “Waitress”.

When a lady asks Cal if he is happy, he responds: “Happy enough.  I don’t expect much.  Don’t give much.  Don’t get much.  But, I genuinely enjoy what comes my way.  That’s my truth, summed up for your feminine judgement.”

Mother’s Day

     Mom, unlike Mathias, seems never to be happy.  I wish she were, that she could be, pray that she will be.  I believe Jesus forgives all sins, heals all wounds, and cures all diseases and ailments; but, with mom it seems that there is no fix for crankiness. 

     That being said, we love her and are certainly glad to have her as our mom.  She is a blessing; but as has been said, “Sometimes it’s better to love her from a distance.”

Love and God Bless, Uncle Buck “Wango” Lamb and the Tango Tribe

Dear Bro and Co.,

     Just recently we rented “Young Frankenstein”, one of many classic Mel Brooks films….. it especially hit a nerve with Mathias as he is quite taken with the show.

     It doesn’t take long for the power to craze him.

     Our hero quickly assumes his seat of power……

     Young Lambenstein knew he would need to enlist the help of some assistants……

     Frau Kiara was so incredulous and irritated, that the mere mention of her name scared the stick ponies stiff!!!

     Reluctantly, Frau Kiara agreed….after being bribed:

     Also recruited was the young KeiGore…..

     After the clean-up, it was time to attempt the reanimation of dead tissue…..

     Unfortunately, the good Doctor and his crew had not thoroughly cleaned up their mess, and the creature became enraged…..

     When all seemed lost and the young doctor doomed, all at once galloped in little KeiGore upon her trusty stick with a Zune music card.  The Monster released Lambenstein at once – cooing and oohing over the shiny plastic music getter.  Thereafter, his mood and countenance changed; he even put on the Ritz – peanut butter on crackers for dinner that is. 🙂  And with the help of his tutors, he learned to be a proper suitor for the financier. 


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Dear Bro and Co.,

     I caught a little flack for one of the gifts that I bought KeiLynn.  Even I’m not entirely sure why I got it.  Perhaps it was because it made her laugh when she saw it, or perhaps it seemed to speak to me – kind of a chirpy-chirp-squeaky chatter sound when I whapped it.  Yes, I bought my baby girl a doggy fetch toy; but not just any fetch toy – it’s a Hartz brand Stunt Pilot Super Squirrel with sling shot action.  Thus far, I am happy to say that my $10 were well spent.  Not only does KeiLynn like playing fetch, she is quite good at it too. 🙂

     In fact, I should have done the same with units #1 and #2 as they are painfully weak in the fetch/retrieval department.

     Another gift of note is Kiara’s Tinkerbell Tooth Fairy pillow.  She was very excited about the prospect of getting money for a tooth.  She was equally determined that the tooth would come from someone else’s mouth……

     Seriously, we did find her pilfering through some drawers looking for some of Mathias’ old teeth.

     Kiara’s absolute favorite present thus far is a jewelry box with horses on it.  It also plays a little tune and has a “dancing” horse that pops up when ya open the lid.  She carries it around almost as much as she holds on to Foxey the Fox.  Papa Troy picked a winner.  🙂

     Additionally, she and Mathias got an Easy Bake Oven which actually cooks.  We’ll see how well they do.  I’ve seen some of the stuff Mathias has created  just bobbing around the kitchen before.  I can’t help but cringe a little thinking of what those two will come up with…..

     …..speaking of baking, Amanda has taken a break from her usual holiday hobby to enjoy her favorite new toy, Guitar Hero:

     I knew I married a Rockin’ chick!!!  Wow!!!!  I can’t wait to see her play “Trapped Under Ice” – should be some awesome hair whips. 🙂  Right now her favorites are “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park and “Some May Say” by Oasis. 

     As for me, I got a truly unexpected gift:  Troy passed on to me his Mother-In-Law tear apart doll.  I don’t know about him, but I’m using it – especially since Janie laughed at me for finishing second on the Wii Fit Flying Chicken game.  In fact, I’m taking it up to the next level incorporating some strange voodoo:

     Obviously, Mathias is enjoying all the new Wii goodies that we got, but the gift he is super-psyched about is the trumpet that his Nana and Papa Lamb bought him.  I can’t wait to get him into lessons so he’ll learn some tunes; as it is, his favorite thing to do is to scare the wits out of me when I’m dozing.  I don’t have very many wits to spare. 

     …..speaking of not being able to hear:

     KeiLynn’s favorite gift so far seems to be her new sippy cups.  She likes to hold them backwards and lean back glugging like a whino savoring the last few drops from the “sacred” bottle.

     …..speaking of KeiLynn, the kids helped me with a new nickname for her.  Due to their hyjinx, I had taken to calling them Heckle and Jeckle.  So they came up to me a couple of weeks ago and said, “Dad, why don’t we call KeiLynn…… (drumroll)……. FRECKLE????”  Brilliant!!!!  What awesome kids I have.

     As for me, there is only one present that I really want to unwrap this year – I just have to catch her first.

Love and God bless, Uncle Buck “Wango” Lamb and the Tango Tribe

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Dear Bro and Co.,

     I must say, I’m in more of a Christmas spirit this year than in years past.  It’s a strange feeling to be sure.  I was thinking, “Why?  What’s wrong with me?”  I believe I have the answer:

  1. Minimal decorations –  we have a modest tree, a wreath on the door, and stockings on the wall.  I managed to escape the ordeal of hanging outside lights this year – and taking them down in July.  🙂  Also I didn’t have to help assemble and decorate Troy and Janie’s tree this year.  Mathias and Kiara got that merry treat to themselves  when they stayed with them right after Thanksgiving.  Yes, we may have a junior Grinch in the making . 
  2. Minimal shopping –  The kids get one want, one need, one item to wear, and one item to read.  I’ve managed to stay out of the mall entirely and trips to Wal-Mart and Target are strategically planned to avoid crowds and browsing.  We pretty much have an attack (get in – hit objectives – get out).    We’re very much like a S.W.A.T. team in that way.  This has, of course, minimized our exposure to the commercialism of the outside world that tends to taint the season.
  3. Other than Best Buy commercials; even the television ads haven’t been too annoying this year.  Either that, or I’m watching less t.v. than years past. 

     …..speaking of brain checks, Alice in Chains has a song called “Check My Brain” off their latest album which is, for lack of better phrasing, stuck in my head.  It has a crazy buzzing riff with an insane bend that is catchy.  Although I’ve never been what you would call a “fan” of the band; I’ve always admired and enjoyed their unique sound – the guitar and vocal harmonies that can only be described as haunting.  I think the new vocalist, William Duvall, sounds good (in studio at least).  And, it seems like he is a good fit for the band.

     I’ve heard about half of the new album.  They have a video for one song; “Your Decision” that I found to be most interesting.  Long story short – a guy follows a temptress to a party and gets more than he bargains for – He gets on the menu at the venue.  The address of the party mansion?  – 1 Corinthians 10:23

Which says:     All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient:  all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not. 

I doubt the fella’s in AIC are professed Christians’ but perhaps Lane Staley’s death has them thinking/searching a bit more.

     …..speaking of cannibalism, I recently read where the authorities in Chile arrested a crime ring for killing dozens of obese people.  Why?  They were harvesting their fat.  What for?  Selling it to cosmetics companies. 

     …..speaking of crime rings, we got a memo at work last week about drug smugglers trying a new method for moving cocaine – they were solidifying the powder into a cast.  I’m not sure what tipped the authorities; maybe someone caught the dude trying to snort his leg.  Ha!  I can think of at least two possible drawbacks to using such a product:

     …..speaking of solids, awhile back when KeiLynn had that croup – we bought that Vick’s vaporizer (which really helped a lot – thanks to Tammy :)).  Where it helped clear the babies lungs, it effectively gooped up the fish bowl.  I went to feed Rainbow Sherbet (our supposed gender confused fish – Kiara liked the color of the male fish, but insists on calling it a girl) and found him, rather than the baby gasping for air.

     …..speaking of solids and water – KeiLynn and I were having a fun, pleasant Daddy-daughter bath the other day.  Everything was going good; we had splashing, laughing, bubbles, and even the wind-up swim toys going.  In fact, I was winding up Grape Ape the surfing Gorilla, when I heard a grunt from the other end of  the tub.  I looked up and there she was, my sweet little baby, all red-faced and squeezing the life out of her tub toy turtle:

     I knew – she was either ticked off mad at that turtle or she was about to poop in the tub!!!!  Either way, tub time was over.  I called for Amanda who immediately rushed into the room – but, it was too late.  Simultaneously, as I lifted her out of the water, she launched the brown torpedo…  KERSPLASH!!!  I was stunned, the baby relieved, and Grape Ape the surfing Gorilla sunk by a direct hit from the great baby nugget from the sky. 

     On another note, Amanda seems to be feeding the masses these days.  Pumpkin bread, banana bread, candies, cakes, and pies oh my!  🙂  So here is my wife – wildly popular due to being attractive in both appearance and personality; throw in all the baked goods and everyone adores her – especially the fellas she works with.  Am I worried? ….. Not at all.  Am I jealous and on guard? …..You better freakin’ believe it!!!

     …..speaking of bread and Mac Grill, since Amanda has started working there, I have found that my favorite thing to get there is soup (both chicken and tomato are great) with a fresh round of peasant bread.  It’s a meal by itself; and, even when we have to pay, it’s only five dollars. 

     I like to break the bread and dip it in the soup.  Each time I do this, I am reminded of the two miraculous meals when Jesus fed thousands of people with a minimal amount of bread and fish.  In both instances mentioned (in Matthew Ch. 14 and then Ch. 15), He gave thanks and blessed the meal, then He broke the bread and gave the loaves to the disciples who passed the bread on to the multitudes. 

     Jesus is cool.  Not only did He minister and teach the people, He miraculously fed them all, AND gave us our model for how church is supposed to work.  I know He’s God and all, but I’m still impressed with the multi-tasking on such a large-scale since I struggle with single tasking on a minimal scale.

  • Go out to eat at least once a week.  Through daily devotional studies, prayer, worship and such, we are nourished during the week – milk to keep us focused and maintain our strength and appetites.  (A spiritual anorexic has a hard time digesting food.)
  • Pastors are like the disciples – waiters or servers for the people.  *(Matthew 14:19; 15:36) Jesus broke the bread and gave it to the disciples and the disciples to the multitude.   The point of all that being a good spiritual shepherd will lead his flock to green pastures – for spiritual nourishment and overall prosperity.How good of a teacher/shepherd was Jesus?  During the second “service” it took three days for anyone to stop and say, “Let’s take a lunch break!”  That person being Jesus Himself.  I’ve never done anything so good that I was able to not think about food for 3 days.  Our pastor, Robert Morris, is a great teacher.  His sermons are always interesting, educational, humorous and entertaining; yet it isn’t uncommon for my mind to still wander:  Of course, that probably says more about me than it does anything else. 🙂
  • The people received and shared the meal.  I’m guessing fellowship and communion come into play here.
  • There were leftovers at both meals (12 and then 7 baskets full).  So, we go feast at church, then we carry the leftovers out into our communities, out to feed a lost, starving world.  Cool.

     John 1:1  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…. 1:14 The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.  We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only, who came from the Father, full of Grace and Truth.

     John 6:33 “For the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”  6:35 Then Jesus declared, “I am the Bread of Life.  He who comes to Me will never go hungry, and he who believes in Me will never be thirsty.”

     1 Corinthians 11:23  ….The Lord Jesus, on the night He was betrayed, took bread, and when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, “This is My body, which is for you, do this in remembrance of Me.” In the same way, after supper He took the cup, saying, “this cup is the New Covenant in My blood, do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of Me.”

     So, once again as we enter into this season of giving with so much of the world focused on presents and concerned with shortages of “dough” and “bread”; as it always has been, still is, and always will be the Greatest Gift is Christ’s presence – in a manger, upon a tree: the Bread of Life broken for you and me.

Love and God bless, Uncle Buck “Wango” Lamb and the Tango Tribe

Dear Bro and Co.,

     Here we are in April and Easter is fast approaching.  And with Easter comes Easter services at church.  I can’t help but smile as I think of some of the folks we will worship with. 

  1. “Mr. Two-Timer” – he comes twice a year; Christmas and Easter.  Ill at ease, slightly disheveled in his Sunday’s best – he pulls at his collar and counts down the minutes till his obligatory visits are over.
  2. “Mrs. Leslie” – the social status attender who never misses a Sunday and relishes the chance to gaze disapprovingly at “Mr. Two-Timer” putting him further in a state of discomfort and paranoia.
  3. “The American Idol” – not only does this person think he belongs in the choir/band; he must sing all the more loudly so he and everyone else can hear him above the rest of the congregation.  He probably didn’t brush all that well, so the people in front of him are assaulted with obnoxious yells and foul smells.

     …..Speaking of Praise and Worship……..  let’s not forget the 3 primary categories of worshipers:

  1. “Mr. Cool” – often a teenager with a “drug” problem: his parents done “drug” his butt to church.  He does his best to appear disinterested and if he sings at all, it is in a low voice out the side of his mouth.
  2. “The Paranoid non-committal” – wants to raise hands in worship freely, but is too self-conscious.  The hand wafts up and down throughout service like the kid who has the answer, but isn’t sure.
  3. “The Cheerleader” – usually the reserved “granny” figure, she turns into a manic fruitcake on Sundays.  By end of service, she will have embarrased all #1’s and #2’s in close proximity to her.

     Next, we have the snoozers:

  1. “The Brazen Blazer” – the old guy in the back who doesn’t even fight it; for him the Sabbath truly is the day of rest.
  2. “The Bible Bobber” – we try to fight it, and we try to hide it by “closely examining” the Scriptures.  Usually the best bet is to sit close to a “brazen blazer” and hope everyone blames all the snoring on him.    

     How about this lovely scenario……

  1. The Tattooed Temptress” – the young hottie who hasn’t learned about modesty or proper location and display of her Jesus tattoo.
  2. “The Distracted Disciple”  – the poor schmooze standing behind the tattooed temptress.  He’s trying to keep his eyes and thoughts on the Lord, but they keep gravitating to the graffiti being displayed on the young ladies’ “Astro turf”.
  3. Here we have the “Overzealous weird guy” – he invades everyone’s personal space; usually has a scattered appearance and asks blunt, personal questions that make everyone, especially visitors uncomfortable.  You know, Dad can be like this guy sometimes; seemingly harmless, but a little creepy too. 
  4. Let us not forget “Mrs. Too-Much” who wears excessive amounts of make-up and so much perfume that it is offensive to the “Natural” who thinks that his natural musk is a proper smell in formal settings.  Have Mercy!!!!

     No wonder the world looks at us as though we’re crazy.  Looking at it through natural/carnal eyes, it is crazy!  Who in their right mind would subject themselves to such things?  It is an amazing thing; all these folks diverse and quirky in so many ways coming together in one spot and worshiping together – and, of course, each in their own way.  Foolishness!!!!

     And yet, just like tithing must seem foolish to the carnal mind; what we must remember is that there are spiritual/supernatural principles at work here.  God honors faith and obedience.  The principle of sowing and reaping  applies – if we worship in sincerity, we will be blessed.  Abel was sincere and he was blessed.

     Look at marriage! Children!!  No one in their right mind would subject themselves to such things UNLESS there were spiritual covenants and blessings that not only make them work, they become beneficial.  Look at Jericho.  I love this testimony –  the Israelites marched in a circle around this mighty stronghold.  They marched and worshiped for seven days and then…..with the blast of trumpets and horns, the walls came down!!!

     That’s it!!  That’s what happens at church – through obedience and worship, walls and strongholds in people’s lives are brought down.  Then, the best part:  God’s people are able to enter in and occupy the land – the promise – the blessings that are ours to be had.

      1 Corinthians 1:25  For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength.

     Note:  the foolishness of God – further proof He has a sense of humor and even when He is “clowning around”, He is smarter than us.  I like it!!!

     Galations 6:7-8  Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.  A man reaps what he sows.  The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the spirit, from the spirit will reap eternal life. 

     As far as Church goes – listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan:

     “If this House is a-Rockin’, don’t bother knockin’.  Come on in!!”

Love and God bless, Uncle Buck “Wango” Lamb and the Tango Tribe







Dear Bro and Co.,

     Thank you ever so much for the Christmas present.  Amanda and the kids thank you as well, but unlike me, they don’t know what theirs are yet.  You’ll have to forgive me, I opened mine early.  I was alone in a cold, quiet house and without my conscience (Amanda) here, the temptation was more than I could resist.  Besides, the music warmed my heart and filled the stale solicitous air with a groovy buzz. 

     I like the tunes, by the way.  Porcupine Tree:  an interesting group with an interesting name to accompany the sound.  Modern crunch mixed with intricate beats and subtle nuances accompanied by clean melodic vocals – ala – Lennon/Ty Tabor/that dude that sings for The Choir.  Progressive Rock tinged with metal – you know me all too well.

     Of course, the name Porcupine Tree got me to thinking about my childhood friend/alter ego, Leonard Porcupine.  Ahhhh, those were the days; romping around the house wrapped in an (afghan?), that’s what mom called it – a crocheted blanket thingy.  I must have been one weird little kid brother to have around.  It also got me to thinking about my quest to find a useful pet – one that disposes of ants and cats.  Of course, Amanda would never allow it, seeing as how the kids would inevitably get quilled, but I had a most glorious scenario play out in my head:

     I know, it’s a bit macabre, but I still like it.  I wonder if porcupines are cheaper than aardvarks.

     …..speaking of macabre, the other day, I was listening to the radio and I heard a guy say, “Jolly old satanic.”  Ok, ok, what he actually said was, “saint-a-nic”.  It got me to thinking about an article I read about how satan doesn’t attack head on – he sneaks up on you.  His plan to destroy America and the church at large is through diversion.  He wants us to have lots of stuff so we’ll want more.  He didn’t have to do away with Christmas; he just had to find a crafty way of using our fallen natures and greed to corrupt and pervert it ourselves.


   Christmas – the celebration of Christ, our Lord and Savior’s birth; yet who is the central figure around this time of year?  Santa.  Christmas – the celebration of the greatest gift, God’s gift to mankind, yet the focus is on the presents under the tree.  A time for joy, peace, and good will towards our fellow-man, yet we have this…..


     Christmas – a celebration of the forgiveness of our sins and debts, yet we spend countless hours shopping and accruing financial debts; which is contrary to God’s word and will for us. 

     Christmas – a time for celebrating and rejoicing in the new life we have in Christ, yet this is the season with the highest rates of stress and depression.  Suicide rates jump (no pun intended) every holiday season.

     I love a good conspiracy theory, especially when it proves true.  So without further ado, I give you:

The Real Santa Claws

     It’s no small coincidence that he goes around in a red suit carrying a naughty list.  This one wants to turn you into a lump of coal.

     I remember the year we fasted from giving gifts, the reactions we got.  Everything from, “You’re ruining Christmas!” to “Your kids are going to be in therapy!”  All of which made me laugh.  I must be the family Grinch. 

     As it stands now, we buy for the kids and usually one or two things for each other; everyone else gets a  Christmas portrait.  1.  It’s what we can afford (no debt).  2.  It’s a way to keep things fair among all the relatives.

     Yesterday, I read about the origins of snow globes.  It proved to be a little disappointing as there were no major surprises.  They started as paper weights for rich European aristocrats.  Of note, though, was the fact that the original snowflakes were actually bone chips.  It did not say what kind of bones were used; although it was probably fish bones, I like to think that they used cats. 

     …..speaking of Christmas traditions, you know the song, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”; the line, “give us some figgy pudding, we won’t leave until we get some” always got me.  First, what the heck is figgy pudding – it sounds disgusting.  Turns out, figgy pudding is actually a Christmas bread that is quite delicious.  Why don’t we ever see figgy pudding anymore?  Because it takes anywhere from 4 to 7 hours to make from scratch.  Why don’t you see carolers anymore?…..

    Love and God bless, Uncle Buck “Wango” Lamb and the Tango Tribe


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