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The Manic Minstrel

The Monstore

Between the towns
Of Happy and Content,
A Proprietor placed a store.
Soon word of it
Got around
And more and more people heard of it;
Sparking intrigue and interest
So that’s where they went
To see what could be found:

Gizmos and Gadgets,
Trinkets and Treasures,
Doodads and Doohickeys,
Prestidigitatious products
Promising phenomenon and pleasures.
The store had everything
The people could fancy or fashion.
Every sort of brand or bling
One could possibly imagine;

The more folks
Kept coming and going,
The more the store
Kept growing and growing.
Selling and selling
More and more stuff
Because the people it seemed
Just couldn’t get enough.

The store’s effects
Were startling and strange;
Dwindling hearts and bank accounts
With increasing rate of exchange.
The people quit
Inventing and dreaming
And the children threw a fit
Being dragged kicking and screaming.

The people mindlessly
Kept going back
Till things…

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The Manic Minstrel

The Greener Grass

Living in the fertile sod
Round about the county Clod
Was a peaceful pasture
With a well established community of grasses
Where few feet have ever trod
And nary a soul ever passes;

All was good and well
Until one fateful morn
A new group took root
And began to form;

It didn’t take long
For the new leaves of grass
To grow tall and strong
Flashing brilliant blades and brawny brass
And they considered themselves
To be of a higher class
So things turned tense
When they began slinging mud and insults
Over the fence;

The Greener Grass
Was the meaner grass
And the insults that they threw
Turned the others Blue,
They were so mean
That even the cantankerous Crabs withdrew;

They zinged the Zoysia
And chased the Centipede,
They blasted the Bermuda
And brought the Buffalo to tears,
The Fescue blushed red
Because of some of the…

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