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Antidote – a medicine taken or given to counteract a particular poison. = >

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Life is A trip! =)

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WARNING – Some of the content in this letter may not be suitable for children. Please use parental discretion.

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Raiders 1

Raiders 2

Raiders 3

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Raiders 7

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Raiders 12

Forced NUBtials


Bella Chuggerella
finally has her fella
and she just knows
that he will be
the best hubby hound
any pooch did ever see:
opening doggy doors
and covering mud puddles;
fending off squirrel and squeaky toys,
cleaning her ears and giving cuddles;
faithfully wagging by her side
– she takes comfort in knowing
that she’ll never pant alone;
but the sad fact remains
Boomer Nubbins is a snubby groom
that likely won’t ever
…..give this poor bride a bone!!!



Potty 1

Potty 2

Potty 3

Potty 4

Potty 5

Potty 6

Potty 7

Potty 8

Potty 9

Potty 10

Potty 11

Potty 12

Potty 13

Potty 14

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