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The Palette Parable

The Palette Parable

There once was a color green

That was a bit

Of an envious thing

And it got it in it’s head

Contrary to natural hue

And prismal evidence said

….That it wanted to be blue.

It put on a blue coat

And acted as such

But it’s true identity was revealed

By natural law and touch.

Still it persisted

And despite initial response

It protested and insisted

That everyone call it blue.

It had blue pride parades,

It adorned azure attire,

And played cobalt charades,

Joined the Navy and the Ultra Marines

Trying desperately not to let

Its shade of jade show.

Little by little and one by one,

The other colors quit wondering why

It wanted to be the color of sky.

And as they accepted the lie

Sure enough, they began to think it so.

In fact, some became so adamant,

That anyone who questioned

Its alternative cue,

Was called hateful and intolerant.

More and more colors

Began to deny assigned intent and tone,

Till palettes and minds were cloudy

And the rainbow confused.

Making the Master Artist sad

That His colors rebelled

Against the purpose of what

They were created to do

And even though they yelled

And passed laws to enforce the lie,

……it still does not make it Right or True!


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First Book Published!!!

Hello Good Friends!!! I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that we finally published one of my books.  Yay!!!  Anyway, the link to purchase through Amazon is here; if you happen to purchase, would you mind going back later and leaving a review??? That would help me out a lot!!!  Thanks!

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