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Enviro-Mental Rant 1

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Enviro-Mental Rant 10

Just as a side note – a couple of the drawings were inspired by album covers from an old thrash band named Laaz Rockit. They’re still fun for a nostalgia trip; certainly not for easy listening. Peace and blessings to all!!! = >

The current President
wants to make illegals residents
– giving universal coverage
and unchecked suffrage
to those that don’t pay taxes;
but he wants to take our money,
and take our Rights;
and I’m here to tell ya
that the silver tongued phony
is full of baloney
– taking our guns
and butter off our bread,
saying we should defend ourselves with sticks
and eat tortillas instead.
Turning our Eagle into a buzzard is wrong;
let us pray that his stay in office….. isn’t too long!!!!

This story was a bit of a “Frankenstein” moment for me; as when it was finished, even I looked at it as a morbid oddity. It still is a bizarre story; but as recent real world events have unfolded – it seems this twisted tale may have more relevance than even I ever could have imagined. Go figure!!!! = >

To ensure proper story flow and optimal reading pleasure – please read all of the text on the left side of the page before proceeding with text on the right side. Thanks, Dr. Wango Wackits.



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Story and illustrations by B.C. Lamb. Use with permission only.

The Yo-Dough Bird

Just to be clear; we don’t wish any harm to the “Dodo”. We actually pray for him every day – pray that he get wise or get out of office!

To expand
the definition and the scope
of marriage
is to travel down a slippery slope;
with genders, relations, and numbers
included and multiplied
and the laws and principles
of nature
no longer observed and sanctified;
its just a matter of time
till no one will seem to mind
or say a peep
if Little Bo or the average Joe
decide they want
to hook up and get hitched
to a flock of sheep.

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