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hungry 1

hungry 2

hungry 3

hungry 4

hungry 5

hungry 6

hungry 7

hungry 8

hungry 9

hungry 10

hungry 11

hungry 12

hungry 13

hungry 14

Please excuse the poor legibility of my writing and the images bleeding through the cheap paper used. Ideally, I would be able to type these out and insert the pictures; but I simply do not have the extra time. I truly hope that if you can overlook the poor quality in “production” that the contents of these letters will still be entertaining and perhaps beneficial to some. Love and blessings to all. = >

Devourers 1

Devourers 2

Devourers 3

Devourers 4

Devourers 5

Devourers 6

Devourers 7

Devourers 8

NOTE: To ensure proper story flow and reading pleasure; please be sure to read all text on the left side before reading text on the right side. Thanks. = >


page one

page two

page three

page four

page five

page six

page seven

page eight

page nine

Story and illustrations by B.C. Lamb. Use with permission only.

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