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Hunts 1

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Hunts 9

Hunts 10

Dear friends,
Again, you may need your good reading glasses to see some of the small writing; but we do believe that some of the wit and wisdom will make it worth your while. Also, please keep in mind that there is no spell check in my ink pen or in my head at 3:45 in the morning. ;b Hope you enjoy. Peace and blessings. = >

Communication 1

Communication 2

Communication 3

Communication 4

Communication 5

Communication 6

Communication 7

Communication 8

Communication 9

Communication 10

Communication 11

Communication 12

Again, you might need your good reading glasses to see all of this one; but I dare say it has some funny and good insights that will make it worth the reading.

Crazy Love 1

Crazy Love 2

Crazy Love 3

Crazy Love 4

Crazy Love 5

Crazy Love 6

Crazy Love 7

Crazy Love 8

Crazy Love 9

Crazy Love 10

Crazy Love 11

Crazy Love 12

Crazy Love 13

Crazy Love 14

Crazy Love 15

Crazy Love 16

Crazy Love 17

So serious at the end!!! = b We seriously and sincerely wish all of our readers the best of wishes and God’s grace and peace to be in your homes. Love and God bless,

B. C. Lamb and the Tango Tribe

This is an older letter so the clarity and legibility aren’t as sharp as I would like; but it has some bits of humor and some insights that I thought would be worth sharing. Hope you enjoy – peace and blessings!!! = >

Do Tell Turtales 1

Do Tell Turtales 2

Do Tell Turtales 3

Do Tell Turtales 4

Do Tell Turtales 5

Do Tell Turtales 6

Do Tell Turtales 7

Do Tell Turtales 8

(Some of you may have already read the short story: There is a Slob in my Room; it was originally part of this letter and ties into the rest of the story.) As always, our hope is that these letters will encourage and edify. Love and blessings to all! = >

Divine Design 1

Divine Design 2

Divine Design 3

Divine Design 4

Divine Design 5

divine design 6

Divine Design 7

Divine Design 8

Divine Design 9

Divine Design 10

Divine Design 11

Divine Design 12

Divine Design 13

Divine Design 14

Divine Design 15

Divine Design 16

Divine Design 17

Divine Design 18

Divine Design 19

Divine Design 20

Divine Design 21

Divine Design 22

Divine Design 23

Divine Design 24

Divine Design 25

Divine Design 26

Lawnmower Man 1

Lawnmower Man 2

Lawnmower Man 3

(Just a note for accuracy’s sake: there were actually 2 scouts that were willing to take the land, and 10 that refused.)

Lawnmower Man 4

Lawnmower Man 5

Lawnmower Man 6

Lawnmower Man 7

Lawnmower Man 8

Lawnmower Man 9

Lawnmower Man 10

Lawnmower Man 11

Lawnmower Man 12

Lawnmower Man 13

Lawnmower Man 14

Lawnmower Man 15

Lawnmower Man 16

Lawnmower Man 17

Lawnmower Man 18

Lawnmower Man 19

Lawnmower Man 20

Lawnmower Man 21

Lawnmower Man 22

Lawnmower Man 23

Lawnmower Man 24

Please excuse the poor legibility of my writing and the images bleeding through the cheap paper used. Ideally, I would be able to type these out and insert the pictures; but I simply do not have the extra time. I truly hope that if you can overlook the poor quality in “production” that the contents of these letters will still be entertaining and perhaps beneficial to some. Love and blessings to all. = >

Devourers 1

Devourers 2

Devourers 3

Devourers 4

Devourers 5

Devourers 6

Devourers 7

Devourers 8


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Story and illustrations by B. C. Lamb. Use with permission only.

Story and illustrations by B. C. Lamb. Use with permission only.


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