The Manic Minstrel


He’s a happy hound,
A good friend of mine
– Traveling troubadour merrily moseying around,
Always singing his favorite tune
Paying homage to his Darling Clementine,
Everyone likes to hear him croon
While strumming on his guitar
Making known all that he has found
Like “Stuff like that right thar.”;

Living is simple and life is good
Until the toll of the dinner bell
– Eating all and as fast as he ever could
Before the beller and and roaring yell
Of the gluttonous hood
Who tells him he better and should
Hand over his kibbles and bits
To this downright ornery feller called the Bullwinkle Bull,
Crazier than Crazy Coyote
More powerful than Pierre,
He eats all until he is full
And he ain’t about to share;


Eating every eenie meenie chili beanie
With teeth like knives and foaming drool,
He’s a bit of a villainous weenie
That turns…

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