The Manic Minstrel


Do you suffer from dirty thought
and filthy mind?
Wonderlust gone perverse
With motives malice and unkind,
Always in the gutter
Seen evident
By where you went
and the word you sputter;
Well, take heart
and be of good cheer,
For the restoration of reasoning
With understanding and sound judgement are here:
Ephesians 5:27 of the Holy Book,
Removing spot and blemish
With every introspection and reflective look
Making all Truth and purpose clear;
With submission of time and will
Being the only cost,
Does it not make perfect sense
to have your brain washed
– renewing the mind that has been lost?

The term brainwashed usually carries negative connotations; however, if you really think about it, your mind is being submerged and immersed all the time.
The question and variable being – by what? Especially in these modern days and times, most will certainly be flooded by images and…

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