The Manic Minstrel

Spread 1

and out of sight
In a cupboard somewhere
There is about to be a fight,
A battle brewing over bread
With two jars stewing
About which is …..the better spread!

Spread 2

Now Nutella
is a newer fella
Full of spirit and spunk
And he has issued a challenge
to Peanut Butter
Saying that he
Can best the “Old Lunk.”

Spread 3

PB stood tall,
“I’m the international champion.
Prepare to be amazed!
I brandish innumerable goods
With sidekicks to help me dispose
Of would be challengers and hoods.
Besides, I come in both creamy and chunk
So you’d best back down
You little punk!”

But the contender
Refused to back down
And began to strut,
“You are just a pretender
Made from legume
While I – a real nut!”
Then delivering a devastating blow
Nutella revealed his secret weapon
…….real cocoa!!!!!

Spread 4

PB’s crew was rocked
And dissention arose
From the revelation…

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