The Wolfman 1

Used to be
When night fell down
And the moon shone bright,
The Wolfman prowled the town
Painting it red
Howling at every dame in sight;

Used to be
When darkness descends,
The wolf went wild
Running with rowdy friends,
Barking at bars and trees.
Where bottles and babes
Are easily compiled;
Reveling in his rascally reputation;
Living up to the fame that he claimed.
He perpetuated perception
That this Dog will never be tamed
But as the wise men say,
Everyone has his day.

And it happened one fateful eve
When our “Were” was about
To take his leave;
All it took was a wave
And a toss
From a lady that was a Fox
To send him for a loss
Crashing his nightly routine against the rocks.

Now, with ring and license
Around his neck,
The Wolfman has taken
A day job
To fetch a proper check.
And though it doesn’t
Come natural
And is hard as heck,
The work is important
And he surely doesn’t want
To disappoint
……the boss!!!

The Wolfman 2