The Manic Minstrel

Belle 3

she is the unlovable dog
with breath
that is a rancid smell
and body stiff
and rigid as a log;

she is the unlovable pooch
with quivering lips
and arms and legs that flail
if you try to give
the dame a smooch;

Oh Belle,
how we do love her so,
but she will never know
because….she makes it impossible to show.

The good news is Belle is slowly acclimating to the family and starting to not be as tense. All that said, this strange little pup made me think: Ain’t it funny how sometimes when we’re starving for affection, rather than accept it when its given – we cling to self inflicted rejection. If you are feeling alone and unloved, chances are – someone is trying but just not reaching you. Look a little harder for their embrace. Peace and blessings. = >

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