The Manic Minstrel

Joy is a Superhero

JOY is a superhero,
a gift from above
She is a fruit of Good Spirit
and an offspring of Unconditional Love;
Her smile is infectious
and she goes about
spreading the disease
turning towns and frowns upside down
plundering pout
with groovy moves
and the slightest of ease
while subduing wrath and sorrow
she brightens the day
and gives hope for a better tomorrow;
She remains undefeated
with every foe vanquished
and every good deed completed
always finding it thrillin’
to convert the downtrodden soul
of an opposing villain
making their misery and mischief
disappear without a trace
by helping them
put on a happy face;
She wears no mask
and dons no cape
she never conceals her identity
or runs to escape
she always rises above
and never sinks beneath
she is always ready
at the call,
always available to any and all
and you just might use her

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