The Manic Minstrel

Most of our posts are and will be fun and zany. However, when it is impressed upon me to do so, I create and post some things that are darker or more serious in their content.



1. Control

Open eyes
and open mind,
best be careful what you let inside
lest you become dumb and blind;
free wills
that are not submitted
to pure and Holy ways
will surely become enslaved and committed
to an enemy that betrays;
do not underestimate
the battle for your soul,
understanding that the spirits
that are entertained
are the ones that will assume control.

2. The Whorror

Oh, the horror!
It makes me shudder
and shake
to see the choices
that they make:
pimping out
their time and brains
to be raped
and penetrated
in the name of being entertained;
precious thoughts and moments
created to be pure
are being infiltrated and violated

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