The Manic Minstrel


Moving on up
to the top,
reaching for my piece of the pie;
keep on reaching
– don’t ever stop
soaring with the upper crust,
a first class ride
– defying gravity
with lift and thrust;
learning to fly
and doing maneuvers right
with aircraft control
and moderation of flight;
“Jesus take the Wheel!”
cause my will just won’t;
and if I’m a gobbler
of this cobbler
…..I just might
……..crash this diet
…………with one more bite!!!!

Catchy little rock tune with some killer Hammond b-3. “Pilots” by Dramagods.

This is about being able to pursue dreams and personal ambition while learning to keep perspective and control in the midst of turbulence, temptation, and trials. Remember that God gives us free will to fly our own planes; but without His navigation we will – in and of ourselves…..self destruct.

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