Story and illustrations by B.C. Lamb. All rights reserved. Please use with permission only.

Prodigal one

Prodigal two

Prodigal three

Prodigal four

Prodigal five

Prodigal six

Prodigal seven

Prodigal eight

LUKE 15:11-32

Just to add a couple of thoughts here: 1) Please remember that this story has as much to do with the “obedient” son’s attitude as well as the redemption of the prodigal. Whenever a child of God (whomever they might be and from whatever circumstances they may be coming from) is reunited to the family of God – it is a joyous and wondrous event, and definately a time for celebration! 2) I wrote this a couple of years back and apparently my spelling and grammar skills had diminished a bit. They are getting better with time and more practice with writing. That said…..please excuse the mispelling of prodigal and any other mistakes I might have overlooked. Cheers and God bless!!!!! = >