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Dear Bro and Co.,

     With 4 years spaced between each kid, I guess you tend to forget some things – like how disgusting most baby foods taste and how messy and disgusting it is to try to cram it down a poor, defenseless infant’s throat.

     When KeiLynn does like it – she attacks!!!!  She’s got arms and legs flailing and her head weaves back and forth with her mouth fully extended ready to crush and chomp with her mighty baby incisors just like a Big Mouth Bass. And if she doesn’t like it, Kapooey!! – She spits it out!

Of course, this all got me to thinking…. if we were all fish, what kinds would we be?

I, of course, see myself as a bit of a catfish, given the whiskerage and all.  Ironic, since I hate cats.  Hmmmm……

     Mathias seems fit to be a clownfish as he always likes to clown around, his favorite color is orange, and he has some big ol’ clomper shoes. (No shame in that!)

 Kiara?  Definitely a slippery, silly eel – electric – cause she can be shockingly funny and dangerous!  🙂






Janie would have to be the puffer fish of the family because, believe me brother, when she gets upset, she gets all puffed up! Quite the phenomenon!

     Our mom – a croaker fish; like one of the Northeastern spiky crested Sea Robins that you and Kristian caught a few years back.  She’s always croaking about someone croaking, whether it be her or somebody else.  And, when she’s cranky….. yeah, she’s a lot like this:


I know what you’re thinking – he’s not a fish.  Since when has Dad been like everyone else?  Not to mention he needs the thick skin and shell to survive being married to a vicious croaker like mom.  Plus, Dad will enjoy using his head wipes on his head and his shell.  Turtle Wax!!! Haha!!!

     What is he?  Troy is a Wobbegong shark – also Mathias’ favorite shark.  Quite the opposite of his Pufferfish wife – Troy keeps his cool and keeps a low profile lounging and burrowing in the sand, hoping annoying G.G.’s will leave him alone.

     Let us not forget one of the most fierce and vicious of our family fish:  the dreaded Grandmacudda.  Yep, Aunt Jane – teeth, cane, and all.  YIKES!!

     And then….the bain and pain of Troy’s existence… his mother-in-law…..the horrible, the terrible – “God save us all!” Great White G.G. Shark!!  AAAHHHHHH!!!!!  …..She’s actually not that bad unless she puts in her sets of dentures.

     Last, and most important….my beautiful bride; Amanda.  She’s an Angelfish to put up with me.  God bless her!  I love her so!

Love and God bless, Uncle Buck “Wango” Lamb and the Tango Tribe